“The Sky is Crying” by S G Parker

A mutilated girl is found dead in the street with a single word carved into her chest – ‘”Don’t”.

The first book in the series, “The Sky is Crying” introduces Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson who is assigned to the case. He is from a wealthy family and tipped for the top, but his inexperience means that he has to rely on a new team that includes a gifted but ambitious and reckless Detective Sergeant Johnny Clocks.

As the gruesome body counts rises and a pattern starts to emerge, it dawns on Paterson that the killer has a message for somebody. And that somebody is him.

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“Voodoo Child” by S G Parker

An elderly African man is found dead in the street, shot through the head. The killing has the hallmark of a professional, a military sniper gone rogue, feared across Africa and known only as The White Ghost. Dumped in a waste bin next to the dead man is the dismembered torso of an albino child.

Paterson returns in “Voodoo Child”, the second book of the series, teamed up once again with newly promoted Detective Inspector Johnny Clocks to hunt down the killer.

What they discover leads them to a horrifying world of ritual child killings, voodoo, the discovery of a vast amount of cash and gold (and a conspiracy to steal it) that goes to the very heart of the establishment itself.

Finding the killers wasn’t the hard part. Bringing them to justice is.

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About the Author


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S G PARKER was born and raised in Peckham, south-east London and served in the Metropolitan Police for just over 20 years. Based in Bermondsey and Southwark, he worked on a number of high profile cases involving fraud, rape, drug trafficking and murder before taking early retirement due to injuries received. S G Parker continued to work alongside the police as enforcement up until 2016 when he left to focus on his writing.

S G Parker now lives in East Sussex with his wife and a deranged Cockapoo. He has two adult sons in respect of whom he is extremely proud.